Only Support For Vishwak Sen Vs TV9Vishwak Sen, the controversial actor has been on the receiving end due to his dispute with TV 9 anchor Devi Nagavvali. Since the issue, TV9 has been targeting the actor and is thrashing him on their channel.

The entire industry has been watching in silence and not many have supported Vishwak in this controversy. But the hero has now got support from the small time actor Rahul Ramakrishna who in a series of tweets has slammed the channel.

“Selling rumors and gossip is a cost-effective way of assassinating a person @TV9Telugu does a classic job of it,” said one of his tweets. If you go back in time, Rahul Ramakrishna had a personal score to settle as his tweets and personal life was also focused on by the channel.

Personal or professional, whatever is the reason, Rahul has shown the guts to slam a major media channel for the way it has troubled a hero who did not get any support on this issue.