Only-Rajamouli-Can-Save-AliaAlia Bhatt became the most targeted star kid in recent times for allegedly being the product of nepotism and especially, being the daughter of director Mahesh Bhatt who was indirectly blamed for the death of Bollywood actor Sushanth Singh Rajput, SSR.

Alia’s latest release ‘Sadak 2’ was disliked by many trolls on social media even before watching the movie. It was boycotted by SSR fans for the sheer reason that Alia Bhatt was part of it and her father Mahesh Bhatt was the director of the most-poorly rated movie.

However, when the content is really good, even this kind of negative campaign wouldn’t be able to tarnish the movie. It turned out that ‘Sadak 2’ happens to be one of the worst-rated movies on IMBD with a one-star rating.

Now, going by the track record and the negative campaign on the star kids in Bollywood, Rajamouli is the only director who can bail out Alia Bhatt from all the negative going on due to nepotism debate.