Janasena President Pawan Kalyan made a comeback to the films with the sole intention of making as much money as possible to fund his political activities. If the buzz in the Filmnagar is anything to go by, things seem to be not going his way giving rise to doubts over the Muhurath of the comeback.

Vakeel Saab which was supposed to release in May has been postponed. We have been hearing several news about his other project, Krish not happening any sooner. If we consider the lost three months and with another three months, Pawan Kalyan may have lost the time of a film which means a minimum of 50 Crore.

However, even in this gloom, there is good news for Pawan Kalyan and his fans. In all probability, Vakeel Saab will release for Sankranthi as other films eyeing the festival like RRR, Acharya, BB3, etc are unlikely to be ready by then. Even though the delay will hurt Vakeel Saab, Sankranthi is better for the movie than releasing it in a dry season with uncertainty.

Also, the movie is likely to have not much competition. A senior producer like Dil Raju and that too with a hero like Pawan Kalyan can afford the delay. The Coronavirus curve is likely to flatten by then and the effect of the economic slowdown is likely to ease. Probably, this is the only good that has happened to Pawan Kalyan in his second innings.