India has only one rajamouli karan joharOne visionary like Rajamouli has himself such high standards that the entire country is going gaga for the international stature film making skills of a regional film maker Rajamouli. The same feel is reflected when Bollywood star producer Karan Johar answered a journo’s question during the press meet in Mumbai.

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When a journo wondered why Bollywood hasn’t made such big film so far like Baahubali, Karan had no hesitation in saying that in Bollywood they don’t Rajamouli to do it. He in turn questions, ‘Where is the Rajamouli in India?’, and adds, ‘We don’t have him.’

Karan Johar understands the pain and hard work the makers and all the team might have gone through 3 and half years and would feel oblized even if his name appears in the last screen of ‘Baahubali’. Well, that speaks volumes, doesn’t it?Karan makes every Telugu to feel proud when he verbally salutes Rajamouli as a visionary who can connect emotions and technology in the most endearing way. Such moments make every Telugu to feel on top of the world. Kudos Jakkanna!

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