Only NTR Fans Now Target Senior NTR HimselfSocial media is slowly giving rise to strange trends. We have seen a section of fans for NTR claiming themselves to be ‘Only NTR fans’. We have often seen fan wars of them abusing Balakrishna on one name or the other. That is understandable to some extent because there is certainly some gap between NTR and Balakrishna.

But these only fans have now started attacking Senior NTR as well. Out of the blue, a video has surfaced in which it is said NTR mistreated Junior and his mother. Without verifying the authenticity of the claims, these only fans have started abusing Senior NTR as well.

Junior himself on many occasions revealed how his grandfather names him Taraka Ramarao. He fondly remembers memories of playing on his grandfather’s lap. Whenever NTR speaks about his grandfather, we see a spark in his eyes. But these fans tend to believe someone unknown than their favorite hero as well.

“Are these people working with some political agenda to divide fans? Which NTR fan in the right mind would discredit NT Ramarao as well?,” question the real NTR fans who are agonized with this.