Only NTR Fans: Fighting Imaginary Issues, Ignoring Real EnemyYS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government has pushed Telugu film industry into never before seen doldrums. If not for the postponement of RRR, the treatment would have been the same for the film even though it has the prospects of becoming the pride of Telugu people.

Naturally NTR and Mega Fans should be upset with the Government and it is a no-brainer. But surprisingly, NTR fans have been fighting Chandrababu Naidu all day on Tuesday. Some clip of Andhrawala producer has triggered an online discussion.

A section of NTR fans have been going innovative and digging conspiracy theories of the past to bash Chandrababu Naidu and Telugu Desam Party. “Film fans are as such. They are easily gullible to propaganda. They do not recognize what is important and what is not. They fight among themselves and play into the hands of the opponents,” says a film analyst.

“Even if they fought in the past, they are a family and bound to come together some day. What is the point in digging imaginary issues that happened two decades ago? That too at the cost of ignoring a bigger threat (AP Tickets issue) at hand?,” he adds.