manchu vishnu and swetha basu prasadSwetha Basu Prasad really had a rough and tough time when she was arrested with allegations being caught for flesh trade. Nevertheless, out of rehabilitation centre, Swetha seems to have handled the situation with panache setting example to many, how to save oneself from drowning down into depression.

When she was in Rehab Centre, many cine celebrities from North and South film industries came forward with offers to help her through her rough phase. But it was only Vishnu Manchu who really called on her to talk for a project. Though they didn’t talk further on the project, Swetha is looking forward for working in Tollywood once again.

Swetha was in Hyderabad to promote her upcoming film ‘Intelligent Idiots’. Swetha had done a special dance number for the film and she expresses her happiness to be a part of the film. She describes it as a quirky project and hopes it would be a decent hit. What delighted the onlookers is her confidence levels and her fresh looks with a stunning makeover.