Only Film That Can Rescue Prabhas After Mess?Prabhas‘s recent theatrical outing, Radhe Shyam garnered a poor reception from the Hindi audience. In the case of Saaho, despite the weak content, the film had enough buzz to pull the Hindi audience, and it fared well in the Northern circuit. But that is not happening with Radhe Shyam and the film is struggling big time.

Coming to the point, it is time for Prabhas to play the safe game now. The talk on social media is that Prabhas should see to it that Adipurush is his immediate next outing as this mythological epic is one of the more promising films in his lineup.

Even Prabhas’s fans opine that it is not a good idea to release Maruthi’s film ahead of Adipurush. “Prabhas has already sustained a couple of backfires with Saaho and Radhe Shyam. If Maruthi’s film also flops, it will dent his market. Three back to back duds can cause a lot of damage to his fame. So, he should make sure that Adipurush is his next release.” A netizen commented

The common opinion is that Adipurush has a much wider reach, given the Ramayan theme and it will have a whole lot of acceptance and adoration in the North Indian circuit. Prabhas plays Lord Rama in the film and it can add a new facet to his image. In all ways, this film appears to be a safe bet.

Fans are urging Prabhas to plan his forthcoming line up carefully and they say the best way to start the same is to have Adipurush as his immediate next release as the film has the potential to put an end to Prabhas’s flop streak now.