only-arvind-swamy-dared-to-question-supreme-courtIn the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to pass orders making it mandatory to play the National Anthem of our country in theaters before a film is presented, here is one star who dared to question the orders of the SC.

It’s Arvind Swamy, the actor who is presently busy both with South movies and Bollywood as well. He seemed to be in a doubt on why should the National Antem be played at the start of a movie? The actor also specified the occasions during which any National Anthem would be played and went on quoting the tragic incident of 1997.

Many people were blocked inside a theater Uphaar in Delhi in 1997 at the time when a fire broke out and more than 50 were killed in the mishap. Arvind means to say that blocking people for National Anthem in a crowded area like a theater may lead to an untoward incident. The actor’s intention is very clear. He wants Supreme Court to review its decision.