Allu Arjun - Jr NTRSumanth’s ‘Kapatadhaari‘ has caught the interest of the viewers with the recent trailer and going by Sumanth’s recent interview, the storyline is very simple and it’s about a traffic inspector who investigates a 40-year old unsolved case when he discovers some skeletons.

In the same interview, he talked about ‘Deshamuduru’ movie which was offered to him initially but, he knew that he wouldn’t be a fit into that genre no matter what. The role needs absolute energy and only Allu Arjun can do that kind of roles.

When the anchor brought up Jr NTR’s name as one among those who would fit the role in ‘Deshamuduru’, Sumanth clearly declines and says none other than Allu Arjun can do it and maybe, young Ravi Teja could have done it back then and in the present generation, Ram would fit the role.

He regrets missing ‘Nuvve Kavali’ because even that movie was offered to him and he would have been a perfect fit for him as he’ll be comfortable in that type of genre. We know, ‘Nuvve Kavali’ turned out to be a blockbuster and made Tarun a lover boy overnight.

Sumanth is simple who generally speaks his mind and without fakeness. He is more of a private person but, when it comes to expressing his opinion, he makes himself very clear without beating around the bush.