Vijayakanth jokes onlineTamilnadu DMDK opposition leader Vijayakanth is pissed off with the online jokes spreading on social networking websites against him. He took the matter to the Cyber crime department and filed a complaint to stop defamatory jokes. In the complaint, DMDK party said that they have several proofs of caricatures on Vijayakanth were spreading in social sites like FB, Twitter, and smart phone Apps like Whatsapp. DMDK party lawyers have requested Cyber crime department to initiate an action to remove objectionable content from online sites and action against the people slinging mud on their leader.

Below is an example of the message include jokes like this:

SBI Bank: Our bank offers loans without interest.

Vijayakanth: If you have no interest in offering loans, then I don’t want a loan.

By filing a legal case ‘Captain’ Vijayakanth made it clear that humour is not something that goes down well with him. At the same time it is almost impossible to remove such content from online sites but one can expect the sharing spree to slower with the legal case.