One more title controversy

Title controversies seem to be quite common these days. Few days ago, the makers of Nara Rohit’s upcoming movie had announced that their movie is going to be titled ‘Lover’. However, Dil Raju was considering it for the proposed Allu Arjun – Vasu Varma project. The project was in news one year ago. Later Allu Arjun had okayed other projects and is busy shooting for them. And the buzz about this Vasu Varma project slowly subdued. And now, Nara Rohit’s title was announced. Dil Raju had issued a vague press note that Vasu Varma is going to direct a young hero in a movie titled Lover and it will go on to sets very soon.

There is no information regarding who registered the title with film chamber. We will have to see how this new controversy shapes up finally!