There seems to be some mystical power that is attracting a lot of celebrities across the country in support of Narendra Modi. Especially in South India number of celebrities over the past few months have met the politician and are singing about him ever since. Right from Pawan Kalyan to Nagarjuna to Vijay in Tamil Nadu we have a number of stars and celebrities who have met the politician and expressed their support to him.

Few among those have joined the political party too in order to express the support. Even someone like Pawan Kalyan who has floated his own party is actively campaigning for Modi to be the PM of India. Now amidst all these people we have a new entrant in the form of actor Rajasekhar. He has decided to release a song in support of Modi in a function that will happen tomorrow. Politicians from BJP and celebrities from film industry are expected to be part of this event. We wonder if it’s too late in the day for the actor to join the bandwagon.