Nagajuna-Akkineni-Pan-IndiaOne of the major complaints from Akkineni fans to Nagarjuna is not just his own script selection but also the career planning of his sons, Naga Chaitanya and Akhil Akkineni.

Akkineni fans are fuming over Nag’s lack of efforts to launch his sons in the pan India market.

Incidentally, Adivi Sesh revealed his pan India plan today as he announced a pan India project with Annapurna Studios, owned and operated by Nagarjuna. He revealed that the action comedy will be shot on pan India canvas in association with Annapurna Studios.

Fans are now fuming over Nag. “You’re facilitating other heroes on their pan India aspirations but you’re leaving your own sons.” An anguished fan commented.

Fans are pushing Nagarjuna to find a suitable top-caliber director to launch both Chay and Akhil in the pan-India belt.

“Chay’s pan India dream came crashing with Laal Singh Chaddha. He is still not focused on doing a pan-India film yet. Akhil is doing Agent but there’s no update on the project. It has been going on and on and on. Nag should take this seriously. He’s giving Sesh and others the platform for pan India release and it is time he takes care of his sons as well” another Akkineni fan commented.