One man from industry knows about Pawan’s party
With each passing day the speculations too keep on rising on what to expect and what not to from Pawan Kalyan. There are many rumors floating around but there is no concrete proof about anything and that is largely believed to be because of lack of accessible people around the star. As we know Pawan Kalyan prefers to be alone with people whom he feels comfortable with and doesn’t entertain others like the regular people do.

And that is how one man from the film industry has creped into the discussions all over and that one man is none other than director Trivikram Srinivas. The writer cum director has been very closely associated with Pawan Kalyan for the past few years. Many even believe that the director closely looks at the stories and scripts being done by Pawan Kalyan today and so keeping this proximity in mind, many are coming to the conclusion that the director might be involved in the current political decision of the actor as well. There would of course be no official confirmation but let’s hope whoever are in touch with Pawan Kalyan have a realistic outlook as well of what’s happening around them.