In the entertainment world, there is a time for everything. While the big budget movies make a point of having their release dates on festivals and other occasions, the low budget ones have the period between two festivals for their release. It is the unofficial time for them to hit the screens and in this spirit we have three much-awaited movies hitting the silver screen today. The three movies include ‘Paisa’, ‘Malligadu Marriage Bureau’ and ‘Dil Deewana’ which are releasing today.

‘Paisa’, a mass entertainer with high comedy element has been directed by Krishna Vamsi and stars actors Nani and Catherine Tresa as the lead. ‘Malligadu Marriage Bureau’, another romantic comedy releasing under the direction of Uday Raj, features Srikanth and Manochitra in the leading roles. ‘Dil Deewana’, a Thumma Kiran directed film, has romance as its main theme and features actors Abha Singhal, Nagendra Babu and Dhanraj in the title roles.

Though three movies have some elements in common Nani’s Paisa has some buzz, so it is up to the viewer now, which movie do you choose?