One Hit Pushing Hero Into the Wrong Direction?Energetic Hero Ram has got the much-needed break of his career with iSmart Shankar. Puri Jagannadh gave a complete makeover to Ram which worked for the film. Even though the film content is average, the makeover and songs (particularly the title song) worked in favor of the film.

Ram’s next film, Red did not make much of an impact at the box office. He seems to be banking on iSmart formula blindly. His ongoing project is with Lingusamy, a mass director. Buzz is that he has okayed another film with Boyapati Srinu which will be produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy (Akhanda producer).

Both these directors showcase their actors in larger-than-life mass characters. We have seen actors like Suriya and Balakrishna doing that. The popular opinion on social media is that Ram will not fit such characters. They say iSmart Shankar has worked because it is novel for Ram back then and it may not work always.

Ram has the looks of boy-next-door and can easily leverage to target that segment. In case, he runs after mass, there is a danger he may lose the ground.