One Grid, One NationOn January 1st, 2014, India had taken a giant step towards becoming a greater economic force. The Southern region’s power grid was linked to the rest of the country’s grid with a power line between Solapur in Maharashtra and Raichur in Karnataka. This interconnection was possible with a single-circuit 765-Kilo Volt line that has been constructed at a cost of Rs 815 crore.

This interlinking will help reduce the power scarcity in the Southern states. So far, the Southern states despite shortage of Power could not purchase surplus power and power at cheaper process from the states in the North. This will also help grids improve their ability to withstand sudden and large variations in power flow that cause tripping and blackouts. With this interlinking, India’s grid will cater the requirements of northern, eastern, western, north-eastern and southern grids. The entire network will have a capacity to transfer 2,32,000 Megawatt of power.