One Director's Magic During COVID Second Wave COVID Second Wave has brought Telugu film industry to a standstill like every other film industry across the globe. Many stars and Directors have sat idle for all those months. Some discussed new scripts while some did not even take that risk.

However, one Director has created a sensation even in that time. Director Maruthi has silently started and completed a film, Manchi Rojulochaie in record 24 working days. Once the industry opened for shootings, the team has the film ready for release.

Moreover the shooting has happened without any untoward incident. Maruthi is known to be a very bankable director who makes films with limited budgets and easily salable content. Completing the film in 24 days makes it even more comfortable.

Manchi Rojulochaie stars Santosh Sobhan who scored a hit during the Lockdown with Ek Mini Katha on Amazon Prime Video. The character intro video released the other day indicates he has a safe followup.