One Charmy Kaur & Her True ColoursCharmy Kaur may not be sharing the limelight like other heroines as she has retired herself to another designation and i.e., producing films. Nonetheless, she is one of those pretty women who lives up to her name, Charmee (charming lady).

Look at four different avatars of the pretty Punjaban on four different social media accounts and you would be wowed for the way she is hot, traditional and beautiful. Charmee shared these pictures from her Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, and tinder accounts.

Which one would you choose as the hottest and which one the most attractive? As far as we are concerned, we would like to choose all the four pics of Charmee. One look at the photos makes us think that we have been missing her on the big screen.

After losing some weight recently, Charmy is back to her earlier self when she used to play the heroine in movies. Especially, the tinder pic is drool-worthy. What say, guys?