Censor - OTTAbsence of censorship on OTT platforms is one thing that attracts filmmakers who want to make shows with bold content. Nudity, vulgarity, cuss words and bold scenes became an integral part of web series and other shows on digital platforms.

Now in India, OTT platforms and digital news have come under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and does that mean they are going go come under censorship? Media and content creators don’t see that coming and that means no regulations, as of now.

No censorship on digital platforms gave opportunities for many actors like Anveshi Jain whose brand value is 4-5 crores now. Just a year ago, she had only a few thousand in her bank account. What changed was her decision to give a nod to bold content on OTT shows.

She signed up for bold content completely aware of the fact that she signed up for the content that would be based n sexual content. Until and unless the bold content levels to being pornography, as of now, there might not be any censorship. Anyway, OTT platforms thrive on bold content and that’s their USP.