On A Beautiful Day, Fans Pull Down NTR and Ram CharanSaturday, on the occasion of Ram Charan‘s Birthday, NTR wished his RRR costar and attached a picture of them showcasing their bonhomie on the movie sets. The picture went viral and everyone has admired the stars for keeping the usual star egos aside.

But then, in a matter of few hours, an ugly spat broke between Nandamuri and Mega fans. There was a special screening of NTR’s Aadi at RTC X Roads last night. There was a massive hungama at the theater. Crackers were fired and some of them hit the helium balloon of Vakeel Saab and it got burst.

It was an accident but a few fans boasted it as intentional. That has led to a full-blown fight on Twitter. Mega fans have trended a few disgusting hashtags. In retaliation, NTR fans have trended a hashtag which is equally worse. The trends are continuing even now.

The bonhomie the stars share could not translate in to the fans. Hopefully, something of this sort do not happen during RRR release and make things worse.