Samantha Divorce Naga ChaitanyaAs expected, Samantha is at the center of the storm after the Chay Sam Divorce announcement. Most people are taking sides and are trying to judge the actress even though no one is aware of the facts. Some are digging old issues to shame her.

An old picture of Samantha sleeping on a sofa having legs on the lap of a guy. The guy is said to be one of her previous personal trainers. The picture is taken even before her marriage and is more of a casual and fun pic. It is now brought back to taint her character.

Some people are referring to her previous relationship with Siddharth for the same purpose. It is probably too harsh to blame the actress without knowing the actual facts. Mocking her with such old pictures is gross inhumane. Hopefully, the actress is away from the social media ignoring this toxicity.

Samantha currently only has Shakuntalam in her kitty. The movie shooting has been completed but it involves extensive post-production work due to the VFX part. Gunasekhar is yet to announce the release date. The actress did not sign any other film in Telugu apart from that project.