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Okkadine Review

A sour treat to audience on valentines day

134 Minutes


Rating No

What is  “Okkadine” about?

Sivaji Rao (Sai Kumar) is a honest politician. His daughter Shailaja (Nitya Menon) comes to India after completing her studies in abroad. She falls in love with Surya (Nara Rohit) who is being trained at IFS. When things are looking well between them, they decide to take their relation to next level. A shocking truth regarding Surya is revealed. And what happens next forms the actual story.
Nara rohit Okkadine Review

How is Nara Rohit’s performance?
Nara Rohit put up a better performance in the movie. He delivered a solid performance in action sequences but is yet to improve a lot in putting up expressions in emotional scenes. The onscreen chemistry between him and Nitya is good and the romantic sequences came out well. With Okkadine, he will make a mark on masses too. However he had to take care of his body shape immediately and also should make an attempt to improve his dances.

Director Srinivas Rao in Okkadine Review

How is Srinivas Raga’s direction?
Srinivas Raga had previously directed Katha in which Genelia played lead role. Looks like he did not do enough home work even after the first film debacle. The movie story resembled a bit of Athanokkade and his earlier movie, Katha. The first half passes with out any excitement and too many songs disturbing the flow of the movie. Second half is painfully slow with the climax fight in which the villain is killed with a dead body looks totally absurd.

Nithya menon in Okkadine Review

What about Nitya Menon and others?
Nitya Menon looked good on screen and her chemistry with Rohit is too good. Her performance is lively. Veteran actors Sai kumar and Naga Babu lived up to their reputation. Srinivas Reddy, Brahmanandham, MS Narayana managed some laughs.

Music Director Karthik in Okkadine Review

How is Dance, Music and Songs?
This is Singer Karthik’s debut movie as Music director. His re-recording is too good and worked out big time in elevating some of the scenes. The songs are let down with out any energy and freshness. The remix version of the famous Puttintollu Tharimesaru song was totally killed. Rohit tried to attempt some dance steps but have to do a lot of home work in that department.

Nagendra Babu in Okkadine Review

What are the highlights?
1. Well composed action scenes
2. Excellent BGM
3. Nitya Menon looked fresh
4. Nara Rohit and Sai Kumar’s performance

Kota srinivas in Okkadine Review

Any Drawbacks?
1. Too much of bloodshed and gore
2. Improperly placed songs
3. Absurd and illogical climax
4. Remix of Puttintollu Tharimesaru is spoiled
5. Zero Entertainment
6. Poor direction and screenplay

Okkadine  Review at Box office

What about its box office prospects?
The movie looks like an amalgamation of movies like Athanokkade and Katha. Director’s inability to provide good screenplay and narration totally killed the movie. The first half of the movie passes with out any excitement with interval bang creating little bit of curiosity. The pace of the narration dips further in the second half with the climax totally looking absurd. The movie can not succeed at box office unless a miracle takes place.

Did I enjoy it?
Partly Yes