Official: Tollywood To Stop Film Shoots From 1 AugFor a while now, there’s has been a discussion about halting film shootings from 1st August. The struggling theatrical market in the Telugu states, the effect of OTT on the same, and a few other factors are the catalysts of the said scenario.

Well, the news is official now as Tollywood Active Producers Guild has dropped an official announcement on the same.

Active Producers Guild has issued a media communication that confirms that Tollywood film shootings will be halted from the 1st or August.

The statement says the post pandemic financial and revenue situations have triggered a concern and it is upon filmmakers to sit in discussions till workable solutions are figured out.

The statement goes on to confirm that active producers have decided to voluntarily withhold film shootings from the 1st of August in order to orchestrate rightful resolutions to the current scenario.