Official: She Said No to Rajamouli

Shraddha - Kapoor-Rejected -Rajamouli RRRBritain Actress Daisy Edgar Dales couldn’t adjust her dates to fit into Rajamouli’s schedule for RRR, and therefore, the actress had to let go the opportunity to romance NTR in the biggest multi-starrer happening now. There are other names surfacing who would probably be replacing the Britain actress.

This time, many Bollywood names have been surfacing including Shraddha Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra. Shraddha Kapoor is already doing ‘Saaho’ with Prabhas, her first ever movie down South. She is busy with other projects, as well. So, when she was approached for the role to replace Daisy Edgar Jones, the actress has to let go the opportunity as she has her platter full and it would be a Herculean task to adjust her timeline.

So, it’s official that she has rejected Rajamouli. Not all the actresses can be as passionate as Alia Bhatt who begged Rajamouli to give her a chance in his movie and she was totally okay when he asked her if she could adjust her timeline. She did it for him. Maybe, Shraddha Kapoor’s timeline wasn’t flexible to make any changes. Thus, the hunt for NTR’s heroine in RRR continues.

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