Official press note on breaking up with Hansika

Tamil actor STR aka Simbu has finally decided to put a stop to the discussions on his split with Hansika. Simbhu took to Twitter and released an official press note to announce his break up news. Probably this is the first time an actor came forward openly and talked about his break up in recent times. Below is is his press release.

“I had gone through enough in this relationship , and after much of thoughts invested into this, I hereby declare that I’m single now, and I have nothing to do what so ever with Hansika , and it is all the story of the past”.

I don’t regret the past nor I am in a mood discuss over the facts which had forced me to this discussion. This announcement is also made only to give clarity to my friends, associates, and my fans over my status. As of now, I am concentrating on my career…and needless to say I am happy and relieved too.”