Official: Malli Modhalaindhi OTT Release Date Malli Modhalaindhi is going to bring back the Direct-to-OTT trend in Tollywood. The movie starring Sumanth has been bagged by Zee5. It will be premiered on February 11th, Zee5 has officially announced.

After a hit with Malli Raava, Sumanth delivered flops like Subrahmanyapuram, Idham Jagath, and Kapatadhaari. He has pinned high hopes on this film but it is going for OTT now.

It has made a decent impression on the audience with its promotional content released previously. The movie is about concepts like Marriage, Divorce, and remarriage. Sumanth will be playing a role in which the protagonist falls in love with the lawyer who gets him divorced.

Interestingly, Sumanth himself is a divorced man in his real life. We may see more small films opting for Direct-to-OTT releases in the coming days.