Official: A Dream Combination For Ram Charan And Mega Fans   Mega fans and Telugu movie lovers, in general, have had a great fascination for director Shankar. For years they had hoped that the star director would make a film with Telugu ‘star’. Finally, the dream is coming true with a ‘Mega’ movie.

The man who has made the dream possible is none other than Dil Raju. For his landmark, 50th production, Dil Raju has brought together the two biggest brand in South India, Mega and Shankar. The 15th Ram Charan’s film and the 50th production of Dil Raju will be memorable for everyone.

Apart from the official confirmation, nothing else is known about the movie at this point. There are a couple more insane buzzes attached to the film. They are the presence of Pawan Kalyan in the film and music by Anirudh. They are not yet officially confirmed, though.

Whether or not the remaining buzz is confirmed, a film in Shankar and Ram Charan’s combination is extraordinary. We have to wait for other details like the genre and cast and crew.

Ram Charan is currently busy with RRR. He also has a supporting role to finish in Acharya. Shankar, meanwhile, has Indian 2, but no update on its future is known. It needs to be seen what the makers of Indian 2 have to say about this latest update or if it means the ‘worst’ scenario for it.

In any case, RC15 will most likely begin shooting by the end of the year. There will be another update regarding RC16 soon, so fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming days.