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Teaser Talk: Still No Trust Waiting for Trailer

Officer-Movie-Teaser-2-Talk-Still-No-Trust-Waiting-for-TrailerThe second teaser of RGV’s ‘Officer‘ is out. The first impression on the teaser is, it isn’t cut in a manner to generate interest to wait for the trailer. The last dialogue in the teaser was, “Do you trust me?” Still no trust to wait for the trailer, for sure.

But then, there might be a decent story in this action-thriller which brings back the iconic ‘Siva’ combination after decades. But, the makers are failing to generate interest and trust on ‘Officer’. Going by the judging skills of Nag, we opine that Nag might not have accepted the movie if it was not impressive.

There is also an opinion that only Nag might save the movie. But then, one can’t rule out RGV’s direction completely. Waiting for something interesting to expect from the movie. The latest teaser looks better than the first teaser, at least. Check the video below and tell us your opinion about it. Do you also think that no trust is waiting for the trailer?

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