Officer---USA-Theatre-List-SchudleCops were never this scary was the caption with which Officer came, and now post-release a new caption is doing the rounds. Collections were never this scary (for fans) in Telugu Film Industry is what the trade is saying looking at the numbers.

As it is, the first day worldwide numbers were less than fifty lakhs which were an epic embarrassment for the fans. The second day has now given a whole new definition of low. The numbers are coming in thousands in few smaller areas whereas in bigger ones it is in lakhs. In many places, Officer has opened with a deficit which is further extended on day 2.

But the worse is yet to come. If the movie continues to run this way in the coming days, the trade says, Officer could end up with “ZERO” collections by the end of the first week. Post the weekend; many areas would be in the negative zone which is why such prediction by the trade pundits. Now, isn’t that a scary picture for the fans.

The previous lowest collecting big hero movies were Parama Veera Chakra starring Nandamuri Balakrishna and another Nagarjuna starrer Kedi. Officer is going to beat them and might become a permanent TFI record unless some big star does a movie with Ram Gopal Varma or any other senior outdated director.