Officer-Collections---Epic-Embarrassment-For-Nagarjuna-And-FansThe worse fears of Akkineni Nagarjuna fans are coming true, and it couldn’t be any more embarrassing than this. The first day collections of Officer are shockingly low.

Officer released amidst competition had the biggest release among them. Unfortunately, the wide release has led to deficits in collections on the opening day itself. Generally, in few sub-territories of big areas, the numbers come in lakhs, but with Officer, entire territory collections are in lakhs.

The first-day number of Officer is said to be under fifty lakhs. Yes, it is that low. What is worse is that second day is expected to be even lower. Akkineni fans did prepare for these ‘low’, but even they didn’t expect the shock that was in store. They are hoping that the nightmare of Officer ends soon. Well, going by the current trend, it will be much sooner. It might be tomorrow itself. By the end of the first week, Officer would be erased from everyone’s mind.