Offensive-Photos-Of-Anasuya-Bharadwaj-Man-ArrestedAnasuya is very vocal about all the social media hate that she faces. The actress recently initiated legal action against social media users who intentionally kept calling her “Aunty” despite her repeated warnings.

Now, another one of the social media trolls has faced the wrath.

The said individual used a Twitter handle to share offensive photos of Anasuya and several other small-screen actresses. He used to share photos of film actresses as well.

Anasuya filed a complaint with Cyber police and upon investigation, the police arrested the man who has been operating the Twitter handle.

He used to share photos of Anasuya, Vishnu Priya, Rashmi, Pragati, and others. Following Anasuya’s complaint, he was traced and later arrested by the police.

Sharing offensive photos of any actor/actress is a punishable act and the man who was arrested today is getting to learn it the hard way.