Numerology's connection to recent death of Tollywood starsCall it numerology or not but there’s a strange coincidence and pattern in the deaths of Telugu actors Srihari, AVS, Dharmavarupu and Uday Kiran.

The pattern is that Actor Sri Hari died on Oct 9, comedian A.V. Subramanyam aka A.V.S. passed away on Nov 8. Then Dharmavarupu breathed his last on Dec 7 and now, Uday Kiran ended his life on January 6. All of them have died in a pattern.

Another interesting fact is that these deaths have taken place in a row of months, starting from October to January. Everybody wonders if someone from the industry will kick the bucket on Feb 5, which will continue the sequence. We have to wait and see if something of that sort happens next month or not.