Young Tiger NTR is known for his great talent in acting as well as oration, a gift that he carries with confidence and grace. NTR is one actor who almost reached heights with his own hard work and sincerity. The actor has never been known to be involved in any sort of controversy or its like.

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Always been true to his fans, NTR is well-known for his crowd pulling abilities, a talent that was seen in action yesterday’s during the audio launch of film Baadshah. Unfortunately, the excessive crowd caused a stampede where one of NTR’s fan died. NTR was struck by the news and was seen nearly in tears when he was on stage.

Even though it was acknowledged that the incident was due to no fault of NTR, a program broadcasted by NTV tried to project NTR as the culprit for the mishap and throw mud on the actor. This was certainly not appreciated even by the staunch anti fans of the actor, much less his devoted followers.

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NTR giving 5 lakhs to his fan family- Video 

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