sundeep kishan interviewIn a recent chit chat, anchor irritated young hero Sundeep Kishan asking about the rumours of affairs. Though Sundeep kept denying having lot of girl friends, the anchor was consistently asking to tell how many affairs he has. Finally, the actor has to counter with ‘How many boyfriends do you have?’

Sandeep asked the anchor to realize the difference between having friends and having affairs. He agrees that he was in love with some girl but it didn’t work out and that’s it. He appeals to media not to involve other person, though it is okay to write gossips on him.

Besides affair rumours, he talks about dedicating the title of his movie ‘Tiger’ to Megastar Chiranjeevi. They have done a mash-up when SS Thaman came up with a number which is suitable to Chiru. It doesn’t mean, he is using Megastar or other stars for his growth and promotions clarifies the actor.