NTR's Straight Answer To TrollsRRR is just days away from the release and the promos have created a sensation of sorts. The trailer showcases one particular scene where NTR is lifting a bike.

This particular scene has given goosebumps to fans but there are a few who are trolling Rajamouli and NTR for executing this mindless bike scene.

When asked about the same, NTR says that he too had a doubt while doing the scene and even questioned the same to Rajamouli. NTR further says that Rajamouli told him when a person gets an adrenaline rush, he can do whatever he wants and the same thing happens in the scene.

Now, why this scene comes and for what reason Komuram Bheem does that bike lifting scenes will be answered only if you watch the film said NTR. Adding to that statement, Charan said “when the drama begins logic ends”