NTR's Mother Struck by Sheer Negativity!For any hero, who rose to stardom with larger than life roles, playing a cruel and corrupt cop isn’t that easy. And for NTR, choosing to go forward with Daya’s character is like a big challenge to make the audience accept him to see him in sheer negative character like that of a brutal villain shaded character. In his first ever full interview NTR discloses some of the interesting anecdotes of ‘Temper’.

NTR reveals how he was totally frightened while acting in the villainous scenes like the one with Tanikella Bharani but Puri kept on patting his back to go on. NTR opines that the belief of his entire team was behind him to come forward to take the negative character in his stride. He talks the same impact on his mother who looked very grave all through the first half but started smiling when he calls Posani ‘Murthy garu’ (transformation) and kissed him after the court scene.

Another important decision had been the placement of ‘Temper’ title song. While Vakkantham suggested it to be placed in the first half, NTR wanted it in the second half. When Puri watched the impact of the song after placing it in the 2nd half, he literally hit the bottle to the ground scaring NTR. But it was actually the excitement Puri expressed by hitting the bottle.

NTR doesn’t forget to acknowledge the performance of Posani Krishna Murali and accords the major part of the success to his role and the way he carried it taking it to a new level. NTR speaks about his father’s happiness after watching ‘Temper’ and how they all miss their elder brother while celebrating the moments of success like ‘Pataas’ and ‘Temper’. On Shivaratri, NTR’s interview was like a treat for his fans who are on fast all these days for a superhit like ‘Temper’ coming to break their fast.