Long Legged Actress Karthika Nair Maintaining SecrecyThe long legged actress who matched steps with our young tiger NTR, Karthika Nair’s absence from the scenario for a year has made audiences think that she might have quit films. If you are one of them who thought so, you are wrong. The actress is secretly preparing for a challenging role.

She has been training and attending workshops to get into the skin of the character she is going to take up. What is that film and what is that challenging role she is going to essay? Shhhhhhhh. The actress is tight-lipped and doesn’t want to leak any details of the exciting movie she was offered.

She is waiting for the makers to make the announcement and reveal the details. Karthika promises that the writer’s name would come as a big surprise. After ‘Rangam’, Karthika performed many strong characters but none of them made any impact. Let’s hope she would bounce back with one more strong role.