NTR’s Fight Scene Was Toughest Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava is still remembered to this day for its great action sequences. Who can forget the intro action scene that gave goosebumps? The action scene involved bloodshed with over 50 members holding sickles and vehicles exploding that sent jitters while watching.

While the intro action scene was one of the highlights of the movie, did you know that it was the toughest fight scene for fight masters Ram-Lakshman. The duo recalled that it was one of their toughest ever fight scenes they have composed and called it challenging.

Speaking in an interview, they revealed, “Trivikram Srinivas, Jr NTR who has built 6-packs for the film, and themselves met at Park Hyatt regarding the fight scene. It was shot during the summer peak. It was a 15-day schedule which involved nearly 100 members artistes for the action scene”.

They continue, “With many challenges and tension we composed the fight scene. The bridges and vehicles exploding was a new experience for us. Overall, the fight scenes brought a good name for us as it was liked by the audience too”.

Currently, the fight masters have composed kickass action scenes for Mahesh Babu in Sarkaru Vaari Paata. The fight scenes were composed in Dubai with Mahesh Babu trying new action scenes.