NTR's Wife On Twitter: Media Does Zero Home Work!A fake Twitter account of NTR’s wife, Lakshmi Pranathi cropped up all of sudden. There is a tweet with a couple of photos. One family photo is captioned ‘Lovely Husband’. Mainstream media like Sakshi and TV9 have aired stories saying Lakshmi Pranathi has entered Twitter.

Some of the fans were also misled. Each photo has 100s of RTs and 1000s of Likes. The account already has around 5,500 followers. But the fact is that the account is fake. Both the photos in the account are previous photos found on the Internet. Lakshmi Pranathi is only present on Instagram.

Even that profile is not public. The profile settings are as such they can be viewed only by family and friends. The tragedy is that mainstream media which can easily access NTR‘s staff does zero homework and peddle fake news like this. As a result, the impersonating account is getting good traction.

The basic check is that if his wife is on Twitter, NTR would have followed the account.