Today being the auspiscious day, Sri Krishna Janmastami it is considered very good to start a new venture or give a name to a new born. Junior NTR recently became father and the actor tweeted that they have completed the naming ceremony of the new born. “Feeling very happy. Just concluded my son ABHAY RAM s naming ceremony” he tweeted. ‘Abhay Ram’ sounds really good and rhymes with Nandamuri family members’ names.

And for mega hero Varun Tej too Janmastami turned out to be a special day because the naming ceremony of his first child has been done on this auspiscious day. You might be wondering feeling its crap news Varun having a first child. We mean to refer to his debut film. Earlier ‘Gollabhama’ had been the working title but it was made obvious that there would be a title change. Varun’s debut film title is officially announced as ‘Mukunda’. The title announcemnt on Janmastami has sentimental and tradition related connotations. Don’t you think so?