How NTR Treats Raghu Karumanchi & Eats with Him Slowly, we are getting to hear more of NTR’s true nature, i.e., being down to the earth and treating his co-stars, even the small time artists as equals, without showing any discrimination. Raghu Karumanchi is in awe of the actor for his humility and simplicity.

This small time actor revealed how he and his entire family is a big fan of NTR. Whenever he pays visits to NTR’s house, he eats along with NTR on the star hero’s dining table. His kids keep bothering him to meet NTR on their birthdays. The entire family plans to watch NTR’s movie on the release day, without missing it.

The actor says he can’t mouth just one reason or for that matter, any reason for admiring NTR, the most. It came to him naturally and that personal affection for NTR is going to continue forever as NTR too emanates the same love for the co-artists who work with him and admire him. So many good things to hear about NTR.