ntR_Frustration_NTR_30_Amigos_SpeechThe pre-release event of Kalyan Ram’s Amigos took place in Hyderabad. As reported earlier, NTR attended the event as the chief guest.

During the event, NTR addressed the issue of his fans pressurizing the team of his next, NTR30, for updates. He came down heavily on his fans and said, “Fans shouldn’t pressurize any filmmaker for updates. Giving updates every single day is not possible.” He added that such pressure will affect a film negatively.

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It seemed like NTR wasn’t too happy with the way his fans were demanding updates about his next and that’s why he took advantage of this event to lecture them.

But NTR must also realize that it has been more than 18 months since he has been on a movie set to shoot his film. It was in August 2021 when fans got the last update while he was shooting for RRR’s last schedule in Ukraine. So fans getting desperate for updates about his next is completely justified.

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Also, NTR must understand that fans are the real strength of any star. If fans are putting pressure on the makers, then it means there is genuine demand and hype for his film. He should take it as a huge plus. There are many heroes in Tollywood who give regular updates about their next, but no one cares about them.

Fans are worried that he is wasting the peak period of his prime without shooting for any film. They care for him and his stardom. His success means their success to them. So pressure from the fans must be taken in the right spirit. The way NTR reacted or rather showed his frustration looked like he was throwing the anger he has on someone else from the project onto his poor fans!

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