NTR: RRR Highlight Was Shot for 65 NightsRRR is just hours away from its release and NTR and Ram Charan are leaving no stone unturned to take the excitement levels higher. NTR made an interesting revelation about an exciting episode in the film.

So much is already being said about the interval block and by now, it is known to all that it will be the mega clash between the two heroes Ram Charan and NTR. The said scene will be close to thirteen minutes of runtime and will shock the audience, said Rajamouli in his interviews.

Adding to it, NTR says that this fight was shot for 65 nights. It started before the pandemic and once they resumed after two lockdowns, Rajamouli started the same scene once again and it went on forever. NTR says that the concept of fire and water are the real heroes of the scene and Charan and himself were like weapons in the fight.

On the other hand, Ram Charan says that the ending of the action sequence will be a terrific sight to see and the audience will leave out for an interval with a lump in their throat.

NTR says that he is waiting for the reaction of the audience for this one particular scene which showcases Rajamouli’s brilliance. So much is being hyped about such scenes in the film and we need to see if the film reaches its expectations or not.