Jr NTR Hanuman Mala - Ram Charan Ayyappa MalaAs everyone knows, after the success of RRR, Ram Charan has been following Ayyappa Deeksha for 41 days. He is spotted walking barefoot in a black outfit with a tikka on his forehead.

Even NTR has taken up Anjaneya Swamy Mala, and he is seen in a saffron outfit these days. These acts by Tollywood stars are winning praise from the North audience for following our Hindu tradition and culture.

On the other hand, Tollywood fans are still fighting over credit for RRR’s success and whose favorite actor got the better role. Both the Mega fans and Nandamuri fans are abusing each other in the vilest manner on social media.

They don’t even realize that both their favorite stars have taken up holy Deeksha, and abusing them is outright disgusting. We have seen Ajith fans and Vijay fans having the worst kind of fights on social media, but it is unfortunate that Tollywood fans are also stooping to such a level.

Let’s hope sanity prevails, and fans from both the clans understand that both Ram Charan and Tarak are fond of each other, and such fan wars on social media would bring only shame to Tollywood.