Ram-Charan---Jr-NTRUnlike in the past, Star heroes are a bit open now and taking note of the performances of other stars and even appreciating them, publicly. Multi-starres trend seems to be catching with the biggest Nandamuri-Mega project on the way to be directed by Rajamouli.

Nevertheless, there is one concern. Though the mega hero and the Nandamuri hero are appreciating each other and acknowledging each other’s achievements, their fans still don’t see eye to eye and never miss an opportunity to abuse each other when the other star’s movie is set for theatrical release.

Numerous times, the social media platforms have turned battlegrounds and as both Nandamuri and mega family members are into politics, fans bring in caste as part of the abuse on the social media. We think that it’s high time that fans change as we can clearly see the bromance between Ram Charan and NTR and share the same patronage.

But this conversion isn’t going to be easy as fans will always find a reason to fight…who did better in the multi-starrer films, who is the reason for more collections etc. The heroes had opened up. In this scenario, will the Mega-Nandamuri fans’ conversion happen?