NTR Pushing them into deep depressionNTR‘s last release was Aravinda Sametha. It has been four long years since we have seen him on screen and more than anyone, fans are dying to see him in action and feel proud about his performances.

This long gap has made the fans quite disappointed. As NTR is not one of those who gives regular updates, the fans are clueless most of the time. If you look at other stars like Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan, and Allu Arjun, they are quite active on social media.

Even if they are not doing films for a long time, their wives, Namrata, Sneha Reddy, and Upasana make sure to give fans a glimpse of their personal life through some post or the other on social media.

But NTR is away from all this as his wife Lakshmi Pranathi is a very private person and does not share anything much about her husband’s personal life on social media.

This is one aspect which has put the fans in depression. They are dying to know what is happening with NTR and the little they see of him these days is thanks to the promotions of RRR.

Finally, their thirst will be fulfilled with RRR that has been directed by Rajamouli. The film releases on the 25th of March and NTR will be seen as Bheem.