NTR or Mahesh Babu: Who Stole the Show?It was a visual feast to see both NTR and Mahesh Babu sharing the same stage and both of them behaved in a matured manner giving rise to zero controversies when there was a lot of curiosity on who would speak what.

While NTR reiterated that Mahesh Babu (Mahesh Anna) is family and is an inspiration for other star heroes to experiment, Mahesh Babu observed that it was a great gesture from NTR to attend a big event of another star hero to prove that they have no differences between them and there is positive atmosphere prevailing in the industry.

Both spoke well in their own space and there was no overaction or overdose of off-screen bromance just for the heck of it. They both behaved their age and we can clearly see their maturity levels. While we were expecting NTR to give a message to his fans, it was Mahesh who said, “There are only 5-6 star heroes and we do only one movie a year. So, the industry will be good if all the films do well. We are all one and we have no differences. It’s you, fans who have to change.”

The message is clear and surprisingly we can see that a section of fans who always indulge in abusive fights, didn’t do that after Mahesh and NTR’s speeches.