NTR: One, Balakrishna: ZeroToday is a big day for Nandamuri fans. It is the Birthday of Balakrishna and making it more special fans had two updates about Akhanda and #NBK107 which carried a lot of promise. Making the day special for fans, there is a Birthday wish tweet by NTR and the fans are on cloudnine dreaming about the good days of both their favorite actor being together.

But then, the day has been ruined in the evening. Balakrishna gave a special interview to a News Channel and one of the questions is about NTR coming to TDP. He started off the answer diplomatically saying it depends on one’s opinion. The anchor did not budge and went on to ask if he thinks Tarak will be a plus or minus to the party.

Balayya took a very long pause and then asked what if can be plus first minus next. He further explained plus and plus, minus and minus can be still good but not plus and minus. Even though he is opinion is not clear about what he is referring to, it is clear he has no good opinion about Tarak joining TDP.

Tarak was very impressive wishing his Babai on the big day but Balakrishna did not live up to it. At the end of the day, Scores are NTR: One, Balakrishna: Zero.